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We’ll help you get the most out of your funding while you senjoy your life

What is Plan Management?

Plan Management supports you by looking after your NDIS funding. ADACare’s Plan Managers will stay on top of your funds, take care of the day-to-day administration relating to your NDIS Plan and will help you use your funding to its potential


How can ADACare’s Plan Management help me?

We’ll provide you with flexibility and peace of mind. Our Plan Managers will:

  • Get value for money
  • Keep track of your fundsWork-with-you-to-create-budgets-for-each-support
  • Share monthly statements
  • Pay providers within 7 days
  • Take care of financial reporting
  • Claim funds from NDIS on your behalf
  • Offer transparency of funds through ADACare Online Portal
  • Allow you to use registered and non-registered NDIS providers

How does it work?


Provider sends invoice to ADACare


Invoice is validated


ADACare claims funds from NDIS


Your provider is paid within 7 days


ADACare shares monthly statements with you

How much does Plan Management cost?

Plan Management comes out of its own separate budget under Capacity Building, called ‘Improved Life Choices’. This is separate from other funded supports, meaning you won’t lose funding that you can spend on other services if you choose to use a Plan Manager. Plan Management funding consists of a set-up fee and a monthly processing fee

Compare your options

ADACare’s Plan management provides choice and control as well as making managing your funds simple, saving time for you to do what you love. The other options are:

NDIA Managed

The NDIS will pay providers directly, with this option you will only be able to use providers that are NDIS registered and you will need to track your own funds, so you don’t spend them too quickly


You will have to look after all aspects of your funding on your own, including payment of providers, claiming funds from NDIS and similar to NDIA managed, track your own funds


You can use a combination of Plan Management, NDIA Managed and Self-managed options


ADACare’s plan management will make sure providers are paid within 7 days. Our team of experts will ensure all invoices received are in line with the NDIS Price Guide, and will help you manage your funds so you can spend them on the services you need for the duration of your plan

 ADACare Plan ManagementNDIASelf Managed
No cost to you
Access registered provides
Access to unregistered provides
Pay for service providers
All your bill paid for you
All your paper work kept for you
Real time tracking and reporting
Developing Monthly Statement
Help to make sure all your service agreements are signed
Talk to NDIA for you
Help to find or change providers

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How do I get Plan Management funding?

You can request Plan Management funding from your NDIS Planner or Local Area Coordinator during your plan review. Plan Management funding is additional and will not be taken out of other parts of your plan. This means you can have a Plan Manager look after your finances without losing funds that you can use on any other services


ADACare Client Portal

Information at your fingertips

  • Log in anywhere, anytime
  • Access monthly statements
  • View and approve provider invoices
  • Connect with a member of the team

What other NDIS supports does ADACare offer?

Support Coordination

Supported Independent Living

Frequestly asked questions

Can anyone get Plan Management funding?

Yes, all NDIS participants can receive funding for Plan Management. Only under exceptional circumstances will a request for Plan Management be denied

Can I use non-registered providers if I am Plan Managed?

Yes, unlike with NDIA managed funding, you can use both registered and non-registered providers, as long as the prices are not higher than those laid out in the NDIS Price Guide


What happens if I am charged more than the prices laid out in the Price Guide?

Part of the role of your Plan Manager is to ensure that all invoices are compliant with the NDIS Price Guide. If there is a discrepancy, your Plan Manager will follow up with the provider on your behalf


Are Plan Managers qualified?

Yes, NDIS Plan Managers are required to be qualified Accountants or Bookkeepers. ADACare has a team of Plan Managers made up of qualified Accountants so you know your funds are in safe hands

What is the difference between Plan Management and Support Coordination?

Although both supports help to manage and implement NDIS Plans, Support Coordination is a ‘capacity building’ support which for the purpose of helping participants design and implement services in their plan so they can live a better life. As your abilities to implement and manage your Plan increases, funding for Support Coordination is likely to decrease.

However, a Plan Managers role is to manage and monitor Plan funding and submit claims to the NDIA on behalf of your providers, and funding will remain the same from Plan to Plan

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