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What is Personal Care?

Our NDIS  approved professional service providers help you get through daily tasks with care. We offer a broad range of personal care assistance services for elderly and disable people which you can learn by calling us on 02 9232 7055  or filling the contact form. Your care-needs might differ from person to person, so you can highly customise our services according to your needs. For example, an individual living alone in their own house, or someone living with their family will have varying needs. Our personal care specialist in Sydney will assist you with daily activities, which are in most cases limited to 6 hours.

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    Personal Care Services That We Provide

    Personal care supports are most likely to pursue a broad number of goals that an individual might have. Our services are such as but not limited to:


    Personal Hygiene

    Personal hygiene services include showering, bathing, oral hygiene, dressing, teeth cleaning, shaving and grooming.

    Bathroom Assistance

    Bathroom assistance services include toileting, bladder and bowel movement as well as menstrual care.

    Cooking Assistance and Meal Preparation

    Meal preparation services include helping with or making meals as well as helping consume nutritious food.

    Medication Assistance

    Medication assistance services guarantee that you’re taking the right medicine at the right time.

    Moving Around

    Moving around services help you move around your own house with ease. An example is transferring to a wheelchair from the bed.

    Basic First Aid

    Basic first aid services protect you In any case of an emergency that might occur in your household.

    Does NDIS fund personal care?

    Yes! As long as the support you need is necessary and reasonable, the NDIS does fund it. You can check whether you’re eligible for NDIS by clicking here. You can also contact our NDIS personal care providers in Sydney to get more information about this subject as well as looking at other NDIS approved services that we provide.

    How much can an NDIS provider charge for personal care?

    The price range differs from the time of the day to the activity that the individual needs. With standard weekday activities, the cost can’t be higher than $50. On Saturday the cost is $66 and on Sunday the cost is $85. The cost also gets higher on public holidays, at which time the cost becomes $104 per hour. Even though these are numbers given by the NDIS, you can also talk with your provider to get more info. Any short term accommodation can also be discussed with your provider for more information.

    Why Trust ADACare?

    Personal care assistance can be laborious from time to time, so a helping hand can be a welcome addition to your NDIS plan. That is why our hardworking personal care providers will try to give you the best service possible. You can learn more by getting in touch with our NDIS Plan management specialists by calling us at 0292327055, send us an email or book online.

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    We will meet with you to offer free advice and support without obligation. We pride ourselves on turning things around quickly.

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    Individual support package

    Everyone's needs and wants are different, therefore we listen to you and make a tailored plan based on your requirements.

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    Ongoing support

    Once everything has been agreed and services commence, we will discuss and feedback on changes if needed.


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